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MWT Australia comprises a group of forward-thinking companies that offer work-ready education and systems to advance the careers of young professionals in the country and abroad, primarily in the field of healthcare. We leverage the latest technologies and collaborative tools in the design and delivery of our support services, which include consultancy, education and training, placements services.

our vision.


A global provider of quality vocational education and training for the healthcare sector to achieve industry 4.0 goals.


Education for Employment: Bridging the Gap


Enhancing Lives through Education, Training and Technology.


Jobs are the primary source of wealth that sustains individuals and families; the building blocks of society. Creating a supportive organisation entails an emphasis on staff training and development, family support, career growth and the provision of lifelong opportunities for career progression through organisational growth.

The provision of quality educational outcomes is also fundamental to supporting the personal and career development of students and graduates. The world is increasingly globalised and interconnected; thus, education must transcend boarders and address changes in students’ needs in response to global trends as well as local developments. Linking and partnering with educational institutions and organisations that share HCI’s global aspirations and are aligned with this philosophy is key to making that mission a reality. That same philosophy is manifest in HCI’s core values: Innovation, Caring and Excellence.

our Values.


We push the boundaries of our practice because innovation is the only approach to enable quality education and meaningful careers in health. This means adapting to a global world and having an open mindset to use new technologies and apply them effectively and meaningfully.


We care deeply about human experiences and improving lives. It’s our mandate to provide ongoing, lasting relationships with students and employees. Once you join the organisation you are a member of the community and we have a stake in your future.


We strive continually to improve the experience we provide and raise the standards of our industry in the pursuit of excellence. We work collaboratively with people in our ecosystem so that more opportunities can be shared for all.

MWT Global Academy

MWT Global Academy offers a wide range of upskilling educational programs which are targeted at healthcare professionals, providing them with the skills and knowledge to get ahead in their careers. These courses include work-ready clinical and non-clinical professional courses, English language proficiency and Nursing Registration programs that are delivered using the latest tools, and bring students up to speed with global best practices in healthcare.

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Since 2002, Consultancy has been empowering thousands of aspirants to fulfill their dreams of international education and career. As a leading international education consultancy in India, we provide world-class consultation, counseling, and education services in domains including healthcare, nursing as well as a host of other leading globally recognized programs in the non-healthcare sector.

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MWT Placements

MWT Placements is the preferred destination for overseas placements of doctors, nurses, and technical staff in the global healthcare sector in UK, Australia, Middle East, Europe, USA and more. Our goal is to assist individuals in locating acceptable global opportunities with reputable and trusted clients in both the public and private sectors, including hospitals, clinics, and care homes; and also to assist healthcare institutions with their staffing requirements.

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