Nursing Career Advancement Program
NCAP Global

  • Delivery Mode: Online

  • Program Validity: 2 Years

  • Online Fees:AUD 2,000

  • Units: Up to 10

One Program, Nine Countries!

Are you looking for global opportunities as a Registered Nurse?.

The Nursing Career Advancement Program (NCAP) is a carefully curated preparation series that can help you to gain Nursing Registration in any of 9 countries! You will be able to refresh your knowledge, upgrade your skills and get on par with global Nursing mandates.
You will get:

  • Personalised counselling based on your needs
  • English language training to upgrade your proficiency to the levels required
  • NCLEX preparation support and mock tests
  • Soft skills training
  • Support for Nursing registration process for 9 countries

Additionally, you can choose to study with IHNA to prepare to work part-time in Australia, and can get support with visa, ticketing and travel services.


Who is this Course for?

This course is for nurses who are preparing for nursing registration and migration to these countries:

  • Australia
  • USA
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • UK
  • Ireland
  • Qatar
  • UAE
  • Saudi Arabia


Nursing Board Registration through MWT Global Academy

B.Sc. / GNM Nurses Nurses can start the process.

This service is free for those who are opting for
NCAP Global Program


Language Training

Delivered by IHM Online

Graduates of the course will improve their language proficiency for day-to-day situations, and get prepared for further English language Tests.



English for Higher Education Training

Delivered by IHM Online

This program helps to improve very low levels of English language proficiency, if the IELTS/OET/PTE scores are not adequate Learning to read, write and speak with ease in a new language doesn’t come easily, but this program from IHM is a great starting point.


NCLEX-RN (Online)

Delivered by IHM Online

NCLEX for RNs is a preparatory course that helps candidates enhance their professional knowledge and prepare for the Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) examination that is part of the Outcomes Based Assessment (OBA) in Australia.

  • Applicable to USA – Australia – Canada
  • Provides a Mock Test free of cost in our state-of-the-art Online Training Facility.


Preparation Courses

Delivered by MWT Global Academy

  • CBT / OSCE for UK Candidates
  • HAAD / MOH for Middle East


Acelern Library

Delivered by Acelern

Access to top-notch resources and study material to help you advance your nursing career. The service will be provided via IHM’s state-of-the-art Online Library and resources.


Softskills – 3 months structured course

Delivered by IHM

We will provide courses to improve the soft-skills like practice management, communication skills.

The complete Process

Services (Included in package) Study module (Included in package) Module not included in package

  • Initial Call by Student Success team
  • Counselling and Screening
  • Nursing Registration process
  • English Test Training & Mock Test
  • If desired score not achievedEnglish HE Training (Level 1 to 6) based on the student’s current English competency
  • NCLEX Training & Mock Test
  • Softskills Training
  • Enrol in Australian courses for international student visa options (course fee extra):
    • IHM Graduate Certificate in Advanced Nursing Australian Nursing Practice (GCAN 6 months)
    • IHNA Diploma of Practice Management (1 year)
    • IHNA Certificate IV Ageing Support (1 year)
  • Visa
  • Employment options and interviews with potential employers in Australia or other countries
  • OptionalStudy certificate courses online with IHNA to prepare to work part- time in Australia (fees $1250):
    • Certificate III in individual support
    • Certificate III in Health Services Assistance (Assistant in Nursing)
    • Certificate IV in Disability
  • Travel Services (Optional with extra cost)
    • Flight ticket
    • Airport pickup
    • accomodation services
  • Start the enrolled course

Details about the Course

About the NCAP Global program
  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Units:4
  • Course Duration:1 year
Key Features
  • MWT Global will be providing nursing board registration services to Australia, New Zealand, Middle East, UK, Ireland, Canada and the USA
  • When signup for the full course, registration services with the nursing board will be provided without any cost to students
  • Individual units offered @ AUD 600/unit
Admission Requirements
  • Have completed a Bachelor of Nursing degree or an equivalent qualification

Fresh graduates can also apply for the program.

Pathway Preparation Courses

If you don’t currently meet the English language requirements for nursing registration, we are here to help with pathway preparation courses designed for you.

Complete a pathway preparation course and then go on to prepare for nursing registration.

  • If your current IELTS English score is 5.5 you may join a pathway preparation course in Australia for two years and improve your English and communication skills while working in Australia and studying a Certificate IV in Ageing Support (one year) followed by a Diploma of Community Services (one year)

The time is right to join an IHM Pathway Preparation Course because:

  • As a student, you are currently eligible to work up to 40 hours per week, and IHM will help you find a job, so don’t forget your nursing gear!
  • After two years of studying and working in Australia, combined with IHM’s English support, you will be ready to ace the IELTS test.
  • If your current IELTS English score is 6.5 you can progress with the Australian Nursing Practice course over six months, which includes OSCE preparation and a valuable four-week practical placement in Australian healthcare facilities.

Just follow these simple steps to fulfill your dreams to work as a nurse in Australia:

  • Complete the online NCLEX-RN preparation before you leave home; or
  • Travel to Australia with a student visa, and complete online NCLEX-RN preparation and test once you arrive
  • As a student, you are currently eligible to work up to 40 hours per week, and IHM will help you find a job, so don’t forget your nursing gear!
  • Complete the Australian Nursing Practice course over six months, including OSCE preparation and a valuable four-week practical placement in Australian healthcare facilities
  • Complete your OBA/OSCE assessment in Adelaide, and work towards IELTS 7.0 to finalise your nursing registration (remember you don’t need to finalise your English score until after you have completed the OBA/OSCE assessment)
  • Congratulations. Start working as a registered nurse.
Core Units
  • Term 1: IELTS
  • Term 2: English for Academic Purpose EAP
  • Term 3: NCLEX-RN
  • Term 4: Soft skills for nurses
Nursing Registration in Australia

For international nurses that want to practise in Australia, you will require a sound understanding of Australian Nursing Standards and nursing practice. Australia has adopted a new two-part registration process for international nurses: NCLEX online test and a two-day OBA practical assessment.

To successfully pass Australia’s NCLEX and the OBA practical assessment a combination of good communication skills as well as nursing knowledge and practical nursing skills is required so you may be assessed against Australian nursing standards and practices.

Recent graduates may apply for registration (you require 3 months working experience as a registered nurse) however employers in Australia are also generally looking for a minimum of one to two years working experience, preferably in Australia.

Working in Australia is a great way to gain valuable insights and knowledge about how the health system operates and the important role nurses play in delivering care. This will both help you prepare for OBA assessments and mean you have valuable experience when you are looking for a job.

Do you have a current AHPRA Decision Letter?

If Yes, then Australia is calling. You will need to prepare for the NCLEX online test and your OBA assessment which is completed in Australia. You can also again valuable work experience in Australia and prepare for OBA by joining the six-month Australian Nursing Practice course.

If you do not have an AHPRA Decision Letter we are here to help as Bachelor qualified registered nurses with IELTS 7.0 in all four bands are eligible to apply for nursing registration in Australia.

Remember, employers are also generally looking for a minimum of one to two years working experience, and preferably in Australia.

So, combine Australian work experience with a valuable four-week clinical placement and OSCE preparation for the best outcome when you ace the practical OBA assessment.

Just follow these simple steps to fulfil your dreams to work as a registered nurse in Australia:

  • Prepare for NCLEX-RN and complete the test online before you leave home
  • Study Certificate III Ageing Support online (this will help you find a job). This course includes a valuable 3-week clinical placement which you complete when you arrive in Australia
  • Join the Australian Nursing Practice course online and complete three units over 8 weeks before you leave home!
  • Book your OSCE assessment date in Australia (assessments are held every three-months)
  • Travel to Australia five-weeks prior to your OSCE assessment date
  • Complete 4 weeks of intensive OSCE training (part of the ANP course), and ace your OBA assessment in Adelaide
  • Complete your AHPRA registration as a Registered Nurse
  • Finish off with even more valuable Australian work experience as an RN during a further 4-weeks of hospital placement which is part of the ANP course
  • Congratulations – you are now a registered nurse working in Australia

Rosanna (Online)

Online Delivery

  • May 2, 2022
  • Jun 6, 2022
  • Jul 4, 2022
Fees and Charges
Tuition Fee : AUD $2000.00
How to Apply ?

You may submit an enquiry below. One of our representative will call you and guide you through the application process.


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