BIRDS are partners, ambassadors, and influencers who connect the organizations to the rest of the world through Charitable Benefits.

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BIRDS is an innovative initiative of MWT Global designed to enhance the lives of communities through access to education and training.

BIRDS' may be community minded ambassadors involved in community and social activities, an Alumnus of partners such as Health Careers International (HCI), or perhaps an influencer looking to further develop opportunities for members of their community.

BIRDS is unique as it will provide community members and leaders with the knowledge and tools, through regular workshops and information seminars, to build their networks and social channels and bring communities together.

This is an opportunity for you to make a difference to someone’s life and yours, and to make a positive impact by empowering the future.

As referral programs have gone digital, they’ve become increasingly advanced, with many fully automated processes and features. We are here to help you get tech-savy, improve your communication skills, build your career and help you create an impact!

Who is a BIRD?

Are you a passionate advocate for your community, do you see the big picture and are you an active ambassador willing to connect members of their community with opportunities and relationships both locally and internationally?

Then you are the type of BIRD we are looking for.

As a BIRD you will embrace the values of the program and demonstrate your commitment to encouraging the participation of all members of your community.

BIRDS will receive a fee for each student they refer to enrol into education and training courses with partners such as HCI and University Partners, and MWT Global will match the referral fee. Referral fees are ‘banked’ for the BIRD to use towards their nominated community or social initiative.

Each referral is a future nurse, care giver, doctor or healthcare professional in the making. BIRDS may choose to use their ’banked’ referrals to support a charity or impact organisation of their choice or to help a member of their community engage in activities such as attending an international workshop or learning experience or complete your own education.

The BIRDS program will provide you with all the resources and ideas you will require to inspire your community and to open exciting new avenues to connect your organisation to the rest of the world.

BIRDS can be :

  • Staff of clinical
    placement partners
  • Board and
    committee members
  • Community
  • Staff of
    University partners
  • External members
    recommended by HCI staff

Become a BIRD!

To get started BIRDS’ will submit an Expression of Interest and join an information Webinar, followed by an interview. All BIRDS will be asked to sign a Code of Conduct and to join monthly training and information Webinars and workshops about the BIRDS program.

While not everyone will become a BIRD, we look forward to hearing from you and to learning more about your community and social initiatives and activity which we may profile on the BIRDS website.

We appreciate passionate and proactive people ready to learn and grow! 

Some knowledge and expertise that matters most:

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Energetic and positive outlook
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a strong sense of responsibility and initiative
  • An open mind and continuous desire to learn new things
  • Strong existing network that you believe is ready to take the next step and connect with a variety of influential groups and individuals at a local and international level

How do you get started?

You can become a BIRD with these simple steps: