Healthcare Placement and traineeship

At HCI, students’ experience does not cease upon graduation. Career future of the students always lies at the heart of our management team. With its vast connections and partnerships in the Social and Health Services industries across Australia, HCI and its migration arm MWT Australia have made great effort to create career opportunities for our alumni.
Healthcare traineeship

Traineeship (Training 407 visa)

For those who need Australian work experience as a step stone in their future pursuit for either academic or career development, HCI is in the process of putting together training programs for eligible alumni in the following occupations to apply for a Training 407 visa for the purpose to enhance their skills after completion of the relevant courses: Eligible Occupation Relevant Course
  • Community worker (411711) Diploma of Community Services
  • Disabilities services officer (411712) Diploma of Community Services
  • Family support worker (411713) Diploma of Community Services
  • Residential care officer (411715) Diploma of Community Services
  • Youth worker (411716) Diploma of Community Services
  • Enrolled nurse (411411) Diploma of Nursing
  • Registered nurse (2544XX) Graduate Diploma of Nursing
Remark: graduates of Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care are eligible for a 18-month Graduate Work subclass 485 visa in the occupation of Childcare Centre Manager provided that they satisfy the visa criteria such as English, etc.

Job Placement (Employer sponsored visas)

After obtaining 2 years work experience, our alumni may be eligible for Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) subclass 482 visa for either up to 2 or 4 years depend on their occupations. Childcare centre Manager and Registered Nurse have the privilege to have their 482 visa granted for a period of up to 4 years and will have pathways to permanent resident in Employer Nominated Scheme (ENS) subclass 186 visa after working for the sponsor on the subclass 482 visa for at least 3 years. Meanwhile, all the above-mentioned occupations may be eligible for the Skilled Employer Sponsored Regional (SESR) (Provisional) subclass 494 visa after accumulating a minimum of 3-year experience whilst they worked on the Training 407 and/or TSS 482 visa. The SESR visa holders are eligible for the pathway leading to a PR subclass 191 visa after working for the sponsor for 3 years on the SESR 491 visa. MWT Australia proudly provides job placement service to match our suitable alumni to qualify employers in various industry sectors including Social services, Healthcare and more. MWT Australia offers comprehensive employment and migration services based on a holistic approach to pave the pathway to Australian permanent residency with a reasonable recruitment service fee and professional migration service fee. For details, please contact your local MWT Australia MARA registered migration agents.
Healthcare Placement