Professional Year


What is Professional Year Program?

The Professional Year (PY) program is designed to cultivate international students employability after completing the degree. To land a job and to start a career are most graduates’ initial goal; however, the academic knowledge is far from adequate to adapt graduates to the contemporary work environment as employers prefer job candidates with practical experiences. Hence, international students who have graduated from universities have opportunities to equip the practical working competencies and to experience the working environment they will face through Professional Year (PY) program.
Professional Year Program

Why do you need to choose Professional Year Program?

The program is initially developed to help international students increase their immigration points. Nevertheless, due to the fact that the PY program indeed enables the graduates to develop the corresponding practical skills and working performance, with more graduates have received the job offer through studying PY program, the increasing number of international students would consider enrolling on a PY program regardless of the demand of migration. After all the working experience and practical skills are most valuable for graduates.

MWT Australia & Navitas Professional Year Programs

MWT Australia has been partnering with Navitas for promoting Professional Year Program of Navitas. The Navitas Professional Year Program is a professional development program combining formal learning and an Australian internship placement. MWT Australia is officially representing Navitas to recruit the students in this program. There are three programs targeting in three different subject areas, which include Accounting Professional Year Program for accounting graduates, ACS Professional Year Program for ICT graduates and Professional Year in Engineering for engineering graduates. Accounting Professional Year Program – International graduates with Accounting Discipline. ACS Professional Year Program – International graduates with ICT Discipline. Professional Year in Engineering – International graduates with Engineering Discipline.