7 Tips to Master Work and Nursing School

Tips to Master Work and Nursing School

Can you work while in nursing school? Wondering how many hours can I work while in nursing school? Most students support their education with the money they earn at their part-time jobs. Students pursuing their studies in other countries are given 20 hours a week to fulfil working commitments. While it is not an easy balance to maintain, a part-time job provides more flexibility compared to a full-time one. Today in our blog, we will explore the options of working alongside studying. 

Here are some tips to help you pursue working while in nursing school: 

  1. Create a strong support network.

The assistance of family and friends is an important first step. Have a serious conversation with your partner to make sure they are on board. Your partner may need to change their routine to better support your goal. A solid support network can make attending nursing school more manageable and efficient in general. 

  1. 2. Be organised

Maintain order in everything. This includes your plans for socialising with family and friends as well as your schedule for work, school, clinical appointments, and clinical shifts. Spend some time organising your week; write it down and make sure you don’t forget anything. List all your assignments in your planner or calendar in advance. 

  1. Set goals for both work and school on a regular basis.

You can also establish both short and long-term goals when you plan your work and study. This should apply to your social life as well as your work and academic lives. Setting goals can help you stay on track and gauge your progress over the course of your program. 

  1. 4. Create and stick to a budget.

Planning is also necessary for budget creation. Use budget monitoring software to hold yourself accountable and be sure to check it frequently to see how you’re doing. Automating any payments or deposits can help you focus on your nursing lessons and prevent stress in the future from having to check to see if you have paid your fees in full. 

  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Consider including time for resting and caring for your body and mind when organising your week. This is necessary. Make it a priority and don’t ignore it! When you consistently and responsibly care for your mind and body, you’ll be less likely to experience burnout at work or in school. This entails taking time to rest, but it also means looking for hobbies and self-care pursuits, such as taking cooking lessons, meditation classes, or joining a reading club. 



  1. 6. It’s okay to seek assistance

Never hesitate to seek assistance. If you’re having trouble, tell someone—your job, a fellow student, or your nursing lecturers. They can assist you in achieving success in anything you do. 

Now that you have a better understanding of how to work while in nursing school, let’s talk about where to work so you can be as effective as possible. 

  1. Look for easy jobs while in nursing school

While enrolled in a nursing programme, having a job that allows you to choose your own hours might be beneficial. Having a varied plan based on your job schedule will help avoid disputes and save extra stress because clinicals are frequently unexpected and their timetables change frequently. 

Best jobs to work while in nursing school 

If you choose working during nursing school, here’s a list of jobs to work while in nursing school that is linked to your studies and allows you to develop or practise skills related to healthcare, such as: 

  • Aged care worker 
  • Mental health worker 
  • Individual Support worker 
  • Health admin staff 

You can pick a short-term certification course in the said areas and not only earn an internationally recognized certificate but also earn a handsome pay package.  This will also give you a chance to specialize in medical jobs while in nursing school and enhance your portfolio.  


  • How hard is it to work while in nursing school? 

Working and studying at the same time requires a fine balance. It involves a great deal of planning, dedication, commitment, and perseverance. And it would be difficult to pursue both without the support of your family. Make use of the tips above to be successful at working while in nursing school. 

  • Is it possible to work while in nursing school? 

Yes, it possible to work on a part-time basis while you are in nursing school. A full-time job may be difficult to pursue given the time constraints with pursuing a full-time study program. Students who pursue their education in foreign destinations are given 20 hours to fulfil their work commitments and earn their pocket money to support their education and living in that destination. 

  • What jobs can you work while in nursing school? 

While there are many quick and easy options out there, they may not be able to fetch you enough earnings. However, a part-time job in the healthcare domain can greatly benefit you financially and academically also. There are plenty of short-term courses that you can do in areas of mental health, aged care, early childhood education and care and health administration. An added benefit? You get an internationally recognized certificate.  

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